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Multiple Sclerosis and the Self :: Biology Essays Research Papers

Different Sclerosis and the Self Different sclerosis is a staggering malady that assaults the mylination on the axons of neurons, causing numerous issues. Patients with MS must stress over how they will get around, see, and oversee ordinary exercises. In any case, likely one of the most destroying and vilifying parts of the sickness is its consequences for one's psychological abilities. This in mix with its deadening impacts can create a reduced feeling of self in the patients just as a decreased feeling of being in others. The tangible engine impacts of MS can be exceptionally weakening. As indicated by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). MS regularly starts with deadness in the legs and hands. This, alongside shortcoming and spasticity, is one of the trademark indications of MS. As the malady advances, numerous patients experience the ill effects of other engine issues related with the shortcoming and spasticity. Patients may experience difficulty with coordination and equalization. This may in the end bring about loss of motion, either halfway or full. Another manifestation of MS is visual issues. As indicated by Rose et al., patients who show visual issues may do as such in an assortment of ways. They can go from obscured vision to visual impairment. These issues are exacerbated by introduction to warm. What's more, exhaustion and stress can likewise make the indications compound. Weariness is frequently an unavoidable result of the sickness. Individuals with MS freq uently burn through quite a bit of their effort essentially attempting to control their developments. They have little vitality left for different exercises. This absence of vitality brings on additional compounding of side effects which can create additional weakness. This may leave the patient inclination that any endeavor to be dynamic is worthless if not counter gainful. Dormancy can lead patients to separate themselves from the world. While the engine indications are the most obvious, MS patients likewise display some intellectual issues. The MS Center records probably the most widely recognized issues of perception as issues of consideration and fixation. Patients regularly have issues focusing on more than one thing at once. They are handily diverted, and when they attempt to return to the underlying movement, they regularly need to start over. This interruption would then be able to influence their memory of those things since it might neglect to be encoded in memory. On the off chance that the data really enters their memory, patients may have issues recovering data. Furthermore, they may likewise have issues with discourse.

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Reformists or Fundamentalists for Iran Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Reformists or Fundamentalists for Iran - Essay Example This distinction leaves the resident with a decision to make in a vote based country like Iran (Koontz 98). No gathering is supposed to be impeccable in their thoughts since, in either side, there are both positive and negative impacts. In any case, having thought about the objectives philosophies and their interpretation of religion, I will advocate for the reformists. This paper looks to inspect the principle plan of the reformists contrasted with those of the fundamentalists by examining their particular philosophy, religious government and religion. The objectives that the reformists try to accomplish make them unmistakable from the fundamentalists. Their fundamental target is to protect religious government in the nation. They put accentuation on the need of bringing certain vote based changes into reality (Koontz 25). Each Iranian ought to know about their privilege appropriately and nobody ought to be separated with respect to the sexual orientation or the clan. For examp le, in this years elections’ crusades the reformists who had discovered shelter in the West because of post-political race restraint of 2009, had concocted a contending talks with regards to what change ought to be made out of and how an Islamic Republic should resemble (Seifzadeh 254). This, as indicated by me makes reformists splendid than the fundamentalists, who base their religious government on the conviction that not all individuals are equivalent. To outline the religious government of the fundamentalists, we analyze on their conviction about the idea of ladies and men and their jobs in the public arena. They contend that, in Iran, ladies are substandard compared to men both intellectually and genuinely. Their obligations were confined to kid bearing and supporting endorsed by their natural determinism. They were likewise to guarantee solace and fulfillment to their spouses. The Fundamentalists tried to stifle the jobs performed by ladies and upgraded control of men o ver ladies. They guaranteed that their perceivability in broad daylight was not ensured. This is definitely not a genuine image of a popularity based nation

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SIPA Event At A Glance U.S. Election 2016 Whats Next Now COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

SIPA Event At A Glance “U.S. Election 2016 What’s Next Now” COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog After the election in November, SIPA began  organizing various activities and events to address post-election issues and concerns. On  November 29, 2016, SIPA held a high-level panel at Columbia Club in midtown, called “U.S. 2016 Election: What’s Next Now?”. The panel was moderated by Merit E. Janow, Dean of SIPA, and featured seven panelists who are top experts in their field of studies, including economics, political science, war and peace studies, energy and environment policy, and urban planning. During the discussion, panelists shared their views on the significant domestic and international challenges that the new administration will face, from a deeply-divided nation  and uncertainty around the policies to future foreign policy and international relations. David Rothkopf, Visiting Professor of International and Public Affairs, first shared his opinion about President-Elect Trump’s strategy in foreign affairs. He pointed out that Trump’s potential policy is likely to shift the United States into a unilateralism, which might jeopardize the traditional transatlantic partnership. Professor Richard K. Betts put it that President-Elect Trump’s foreign policies could be hard to predict, and he shared his opinions on the future relation between US and Russia. When it comes to the domestic policy, University Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate and former chief economist of the World Bank, briefly analyzed Trump’s tax cut and infrastructure plan. He pointed out that to stimulate the economy with massive infrastructure construction could raise the cost of capital and may cause negative effects on the economy. Professor Richard Clarida shared his views on the post-election market reactions and the potential effect of the combination of tight monetary policy and loose fiscal policy. Professor Ester Fuchs discussed the potential policies related with women, such as affordable birth control, abortion right, children care, and paid family leave. Michael Nutter, Professor of Professional Practice in Urban and Public Affairs, who was also the mayor of Philadelphia, expressed concerns on how President-Elect Trump is going to develop proper urban planning policies. While Professor Steven Cohen, Executive Director of Columbia University Earth Institute, discussed the future challenges in energy and environmental policy. Around 70 people participated in the event, including SIPA faculty members, current students, alumni, prospective students, and journalists from major media companies. After the one-hour panel discussion, panelists responded to questions from the audience, covering terrorism, enterprise zone, and incoming elections in Europe, etc. Panelists then encouraged SIPA students and alumni to actively engage in studying and shaping the future of public policy. [Photo by Weiming Shu | Left to right:  Richard Clarida, C. Lowell Harriss Professor of Economics and Professor of International and Public;  Joseph Stiglitz, University Professor and Nobel Laureate;  Ester Fuchs, Professor of International and Public Affairs and Political Science;  Michael Nutter, David N. Dinkins Professor of Professional Practice in Urban and Public Affairs;  Merit E. Janow, Dean of SIPA;  Steven Cohen, Executive Director, Columbia University Earth Institute and Professor in the Practice of Public Affairs;  Richard K. Betts, Leo A. Shifrin Professor of War and Peace Studies and Arnold A. Saltzman Professor of War and Peace Studies; David Rothkopf, Visiting Professor of International and Public Affairs]

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The Influence Of Social Media On A Professional Manner

In the beginning of this course, I read the information regarding this Twitter assignment and personally, I did not like the thought of having to make a professional Twitter and was confused at the thought of using this site as an educator. After actually participating in the assignment, I have a completely different outlook on the use of social media in a professional manner. This opportunity has not only given me the chance to expand my horizon about other educators around the world, but has allowed me to increase my knowledge on new educational tools. The most important part of this project for me was answering the question â€Å"Who should I follow?† When looking around on my professional Twitter, I really did not know anyone besides our teacher and a few of my classmates. After following a few, I looked and noticed that a lot of them where following different pages that I had never heard before, but seemed interesting through their biography. Regardless of if I had heard of the people or not, I decided to start following all of the pages that I thought were interesting. After doing this, this brought me up to 65 unknown followers. Naturally, I thought it was strange to be following so many people that I did not know, but I begin to see their tweets on my timeline. I was amazed to see so many inspirational, helpful, and positive tweets. This is something that is not as common on my personal Twitter. This attribute in itself allowed me to really appreciate having aShow MoreRelatedThe Effect of Social Media on Human Behavior 1710 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ How Has Social Media Affected Human Behavior and Thinking? In this modern age in which you can be completely disconnected from the world by not having access to the endless information provided by the Internet, it is imperative to have Internet access to be able to be as efficient as possible and be able to create your own network. This is made possible in part to the availability of social media. One can interact with others around the world to either create new friendships on a recreationalRead MoreContributing Effect Of Media On A Business Tool919 Words   |  4 PagesContributing effect of Media (Main Idea) It has been said that media relations assume a crucial part in the accomplishment of advertising and social cooperation. The sheer proliferation of social network use means that in terms of quantity, it is becoming more prevalent than e-mails, and businesses are increasingly using social networks as a business tool, often as a distinct part of marketing and public relations strategies (Ornstein, 2012). Thus the reason this strategy ends up being imperativeRead MoreSocial Media s Impact On Communication1456 Words   |  6 Pagespermanently changed by social media. A wide conceptual definition of social media, as cited in Ressler Glazer (2010), is â€Å"The online and mobile accessible services that enable individuals to connect, collaborate, and share with others in real time.† Social media has an obvious influence on informal communication style and represents both possibility and liability for healthcare institutions. As cited in Bernhardt, Alber, Gold (2014), â€Å"Soci al media provide healthcare professionals with tools to shareRead MoreSenior Management Within The Nhs1622 Words   |  7 Pagescurrent social media adoption or use and does so through an evaluation of two social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter. The selection of these two specific social media platforms is driven by the popularity of Facebook and Twitter with the UK population. In an Ofcom report published in 2014, 96% of online adults used Facebook as their default social networking site closely followed by Twitter (Ofcom, 2014). It is important therefore to evaluate how NHS Direct can utilise social media to effectivelyRead MoreMedia And Its Impact On Society870 Words   |  4 Pagescomparison to those who own a toothbrush? Apparently, media plays an important role in today’s society, from the shows we watch in several different technologies (laptops, smartphones, television, etc.), the music we listen on the radio, and to the magazines we read. Let say most people have goals and expectations for their future. They set specific requirements, they work hard, and hope for the best. However, individuals happen to set their goals based on media and advertisement that approaches to the worldRead MoreThe Code Of Ethics For The Education Profession Essay1304 Words   |  6 Pagescredible mark of ethical manner. The Code of Ethics for the Education Profession shows the goal of all educators and make available values and standards on how to judge conduct. Educators expectations are to accept responsibility and support the notion that all children have the right to an education free of discrimination, prejudice thinking, and inequity. Principle I: Responsibility The educator is mindful that trust in the profession rest upon a standard of professional behavior and responsibilityRead MoreCommunication And The Nursing Profession1136 Words   |  5 Pagespart of human’s social nature. As such, the subject implies its importance yet as Chaffee highlights it remains to be a challenge for health professionals. Nurses are not adequately represented in the media. This perpetuates the problem as nurses are unable to deliver health information effectively. More importantly, there is a lack of health communications as a subject in nursing programs. With a curricula lacking in training nurses to develop advanced communication skills and media expertise, nursesRead MoreMass Media Influence On American Culture878 Words   |  4 PagesMajor developments in the evolution of Mass Media The new era of technology led to major developments in the evolution of mass media, worldwide. In our society, we originally communicated orally before the Internet and wireless devices existed. Individuals relied on traditional forms of mass media, such as the television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, to attain knowledge of the outside world. Thereafter, the development of new forms mass media evolved, and we were introduced to the InternetRead MoreA Brief Note On Social Media And Ethics1372 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Media and Ethics Social media is the immense way in which millennials communicate with their peers in all aspects of life, including their occupations. Being a part of the millennial generation, I am continually being â€Å"tagged†, â€Å"snapped†, or â€Å"followed.† All aspects of my life are somehow shared on one source of social media or another. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are among the various types of social media available, but happen to be the three types that I spend the majority of myRead MoreSocial Media And Public Administration894 Words   |  4 PagesIn their article Social Media and Public Administration: Theoretical Dimensions and Introduction to the Symposium,† published in 2011 in Administrative Theory Praxis Vol. 33, Iss. 3, pp. 325-340, authors Thomas A. Bryer and Staci M. Zavatarro introduce the rising trend of social media use in public administration, in both government agencies and nonprofits. As public administration scholars and practitio ners themselves, the authors sought to analyze these trends further, and to explore more comprehensively

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Rumors, Lies and Personal Reflection Paper

Rumors, Lies and Personal Reflection Paper Your readers should comprehend the most important flow. The principal body is typically composed of three major points spread over three paragraphs. Therefore, prior to beginning your very first paragraph, write down your ideas and outline all the points you need to make. Every one of the body paragraphs of your writing is going to be filled with all the needed evidence and processed diligently! What Is So Fascinating About Personal Reflection Paper? Each reflection paper sample you will see in our collection is going to teach you how you can correctly format and write your paper. Be certain to insert page numbers in the correct corner of every page in order for your reader can refer to distinct places in your essay she might need to re-read, or quote for a study. If you would like to get a finished paper at an affordable price, you're in the area you demand! Before starting doing anything, make sure you have understood correctly what type of academic paper you will need to write. An individual should have some fantastic writing and critical thinking abilities. As stated earlier, a self reflective essay is about giving a personal opinion on a sheet of subject matter, whether it's a book, movie or artwork. My private narrative at this point was well defined and I described it with a good deal of emotion. As a way to be a crucial thinker you need to be open minded. Effect of technology on several different areas of businesses is getting more evident with each day. It's always important to consider different people's ideas and opinions since there is always room for improvement. Identify strategies you currently use to prevent vicarious traumatization in your own personal life. To be able to compose a self reflective essay, there is not any sum of research needed. The War Against Personal Reflection Paper You ought to think about and outline precisely what you wish to say. For instance, you may be asked to provide a personal reflection during examinations. Although the format of a reflection paper isn't as strict as a few of the other written assignments you've already encountered, there are nevertheless some big points you have to cover and fragments you will need to include into your work. By being aware of what stage you're at it is going to help you distinguish what you should do to be able to move to the next stage. In reality, the planning and writing stages necessary to generate a prosperous personal reflection will incorporate lots of the steps necessary for a successful important review (I've listed these steps below). It is crucial to understand what stage you're at. There are six unique phases of critical thinking. What Everybody Dislikes About Personal Reflection Paper and Why To guarantee that you will write the most suitable kind of essay, additionally it is important you know what it isn't. Needless to say, you own a lot of things to do, but before y ou get going on your reflection paper, you will need to understand precisely how you feel about what you're writing. For example, a reflection paper isn't a piece composed of mixed thoughts of different folks. While it allows writers to provide their own personal feelings and should be written in the first person (unless instructed otherwise by your teacher), it's important to note that an effective reflection paper will not only provide your opinion, but it will back that opinion up with solid examples and cite an expert's knowledge if possible. Personal Reflection Paper for Dummies The writer should remember that it's required to use not only your private experience. Always make certain to have a look at the review my essay section of any writing service website you're thinking of using. Even if you're writing not about your distinct experience, your work ought to have a personal strategy. If a student would like to share his impressions of the taken college program, it is necessary to understand how to compose a training course review essay. You have three major paragraphs for it. There are various sorts of essays that I would assume most of you are already familiarized with. Prepare a 1 paragraph review of the guide. It should state your private insight, making it different from other kinds of essay. The writer should not attempt to push your whole experience into one essay. It is better to complete the essay with your own thoughts. It ought to be easy because there is not any researching unlike when you're writing an informative essay. In every sample you'll also locate the necessary number of symbols and other features of a beautifully written reflection paper. When you're using critical thinking you're using different combinations of skills. There's no particular format in the feeling that you should choose what things to write and the way to write it. Provide a minumum of one example.

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Toward the Modern Consciousness Free Essays

Application of Darning’s principle of organic evolution= social Darwinism most popular exponent of social Darwinism, Herbert Spencer, argued that societies were organisms that evolved through time from a struggle with their environment Darning’s ideas applied to human society in an even more radical way by rabid nationalists and racists extreme nationalists argued that nations were in a â€Å"struggle for existence† German general Frederica von Bernhard argued: War is a biological necessity of the first importance, â€Å"War is the father of all things† Nationalist Association of Italy declared â€Å"we must teach Italy the value of international struggle. But international struggle is war? Well, then, let there be war! And nationalism will arouse the will for a strengthened More dangerous than in Germany Folk ( nation, people, or race) German foolish ideology, Houston Stewart Charmingly, became a German citizen. His book The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, were the only pure successors of the â€Å"Aryans† who were portrayed as the true and original creators of Western culture Aryan race, under German leadership, must be prepared to fight for Western Civilization and save it from the destructive assaults of such lower races such as Jews, Negroes, and Orientals Jews singled out by German foolish nationalists as the racial enemy The Attack on Christianity and the Response of the Churches Industrialization and arbitration had an especially adverse effect on religious institutions Mass migration= change from the close- knit, traditional ties of the village in which the church had been a key force to new urban patterns of social life from which the churches were often excluded. We will write a custom essay sample on Toward the Modern Consciousness or any similar topic only for you Order Now Lattice movements also hostile to the established Christian churches predominantly Catholic countries imposed control over church courts, religious orders, and appointments of the clergy failure of evolutions, governments were eager to use the churches’ aid in reestablishing order close union of state authorities with established churches produced a backlash in the form of anticlericalism, especially in the liberal nation-states French republican government substituted civic training for religious instruction Toto undermine the Catholic church’s control of education Catholic teaching orders were outlawed, church and state were completely separated Science became one of the chief threats to all the Christian churches Europeans seem to contradict the doctrine of divine reaction, seeking to suppress Darning’s books to forbid the teaching of the evolutionary hypothesis, the churches often caused even more educated people to reject established religions biblical sch olars to apply critical principles to the Bible, leading to the so- called higher criticism Ernst Reran, French Catholic, Life of Jesus- questioned the historical accuracy of the Bible, Jesus not as the son of God but as a human being whose value lay in the example he provided by his life Christian churches rejection of modern ideas and forces Protestant fundamentalist sects maintain a literal interpretation of the Bible Pope Pips ‘X, also took a rigid stand against modern ideas, issued a papal encyclical called the Syllabus of Errors in which he stated that is â€Å"an error to believe that the Roman Pontiff can and ought to reconcile himself to and agree with progress, liberalism, and modern civilization† He condemned nationalism, socialism, religious toleration, and freedom of speech and press Religious movement called Modernism included an attempt by the churches the reinterpret Christianity in the light of new developments. Bible as a book of useful moral ideas, encouraged Christians to come involved in social reforms, churches must provide a greater sense of community Catholic church condemned Modernism had driven it underground compromise Leo XIII, permitted the teaching of evolution as a hypothesis in Catholic schools encyclical De Rerun Nouveau, upheld the individual’s right to private property but at the same time criticized â€Å"naked† capitalism for the poverty and degradation in which anti-religious foundations Salvation Army by William Booth, the army’s first â€Å"general† Salvation Army established food centers, shelters, and â€Å"rescue homes† for women The Culture of Modernity revolution in physics and psychology was paralleled by a revolution in literature and the arts Naturalism and Symbolism in Literature literature was dominated by Naturalism material world as real and felt that literature should be realistic social problems, writers could contribut e to an objective understanding of the world Naturalism was a continuation of Realism, it lacked the underlying note of liberal optimism about people and society Naturalists were pessimistic about Rupee’s future and characters caught in the grip of forces beyond their control Emilee Kola provide a good example of Naturalism Kola showed how alcoholism and different environments affected people’s lives Darning’s Origin of Species and had been impressed by its emphasis on the struggle for survival and the importance of environment and heredity His Oregon- McCarty, a 20- Volume series on the â€Å"natural and social history of a family† golden age for Russian literature Leo Tolstoy and Food Dostoevsky Tolstoy greatest work was War and Peace, lengthy novel played out against the historical background of Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, realistic in its vivid description of military life and character portrayal, each person analyzed psychologically, face of fife’s enduring values of human love and trust Dostoevsky combined narrative skill and acute psychological and moral observation, major problem of his age was a loss of spiritual belief, attempting to gain salvation through the construction of a materialistic paradise built only by human reason and will. Feared that the fai lure to incorporate spirit would result in total tyranny. Through suffering and faith could the human soul be purified, Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov. Symbolists reacted against Realism interested in writing poetry, believed that an objective knowledge of the world was impossible the external world was not real but only a collection of symbols that reflected the true reality of the individual human mind Art should function for its own sake, instead of serving, criticizing, or seeking to understand society W. B. Yeats and Rainier Maria Rile, poetry ceased to be part of popular culture because only through a knowledge of the poet’s personal language could one hope to understand what the poem was saying Modernism in the Arts artists seeking new form of expression Impressionism, movement that originated in France when a group of artists rejected he studios and museums and went out into the countryside to paint nature directly Camille Pissarro, one of the founders, put into painting their impressions of the changing effects of light on objects in nature Claude Monet, enchanted with water , capture the interplay of light, water, and atmosphere, ESPECIALLY evident in Impression, Sunrise. Did not Just paint scenes from nature: streets, cabarets, rivers, and busy boulevards- wherever people congregated for work and leisure Berth Morison, practice of women beings only amateur artists and became a professional omen had special vision, â€Å"more delicate than that of of men†. Young Girl by the Window demonstrates flowing brush strokes. â€Å"l know I’m worth as much as they. † Post- Impressionism arose in France retained the Impressionist emphasis on light and color but revolutionized it even further by paying more attention to structure and form sought to use both color and line to express inner feelings and produce a personal statement of reality rather than an imitation of objects real beginnings of modern art sense of realism Paul C ©Zane, most important impressionist, Woman with Coffee Pot, sought to express visually the underlying geometric structure and form of everything he painted. â€Å"You must see in nature the cylinder, the sphere, and the cone. Tortured and tragic figure, Vincent Van Gogh, art was a spiritual experience interested in color and believed it could act as its own form of language artists should paint what they feel, evident in Starry Night task of art was to represent â€Å"reality† had lost much of its m eaning psychology and the new physics made it evident that many people were not sure what constituted reality development of photography gave artists another season to reject visual realism photography became a popular and widespread after George Eastman produced the first Kodak camera for the mass market Unlike the camera, which could only mirror reality, artists could create reality As in literature, individual consciousness became the source of meaning the search for individual expression produced a wide variety of schools of painting Pablo Picasso, from Spain but settled in Paris, extremely flexible and painted in a remarkable variety of styles He developed Cubism that used geometric designs as visual stimuli to re- create laity in the viewer’s mind Picasso work Less Demolishes d’ Avignon= first Cubist painting Russian who worked in Germany, Wassail Sandbanks, one of the founders of abstract painting as is evident in Painting with White Border, sought to avoid repr esentation altogether. Believed art should speak directly to the soul, avoid any visual reality and concentrate on color Modernism in music Romantics’ attraction to exotic and primitive cultures had sparked attraction to exotic and primitive cultures folk music became increasingly important as musicians express their national identities Scandinavian composer, Advanced Grief, dedicated porter of Norwegian nationalism, expressed nationalism in lyric melodies found in folk music of his homeland, Peer Gent Suite= incidental music to a play by Henries Ibsen Impressionist music stressed elusive moods and haunting sensations and is distinct in its delicate beauty and elegance of sound linked to the Impressionist movement was Claude Debussy, Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun= inspired by a poem â€Å"Afternoon of a Faun† composed by his friend/poet SST ©phone Mallard ©, recreated in sound the overall feeling of the poem Other composers adopted stylistic idioms, primitive forms in an attempt to e xpress less refined and therefore more genuine feelings musical primitivism was Igor Stravinsky, 20th century’s most important composer international fame as a ballet composer with the Ballet Reuse, under the direction of Sergei Dishevel, revolutionized the world of music with a series of ballets The Fired, Puppeteers, The Rite of Spring= all based on Russian folk tales The Rite of Spring proved to be a revolutionary piece in the development of Paris audience and caused a riot at the theater new understanding of irrational forces How to cite Toward the Modern Consciousness, Papers

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Traditional and Non

Values The Chinese Traditional Culture The Chinese people pay much attention to the traditional family roles according to which the father is the head of the family, and all the family members rely on the experience and wisdom of ancestors. That is why, the Chinese society can be discussed as based on the paternalistic pattern which determines the leading positions in the family and society (Bond, 2010, p. 220). The Chinese value collectivism and cooperation in the form of support for each other because the collective and family goals are prior in relation to the individual goals (Bond, 2010, p. 231). The Chinese people value the balanced relations with the environments and reflect them in the idea of Feng Shui (Bond, 2010, p. 222). The American Chinese Culture The collectivistic approach is changed with the individualistic approach because of the focus on the individual’s needs and desires instead of focusing on the family’s needs (Mira, Martinez, Cameselle, 2003, p. 119). American Chinese value independence and the role of individual in the society more than the personal role in the family because of the focus on individual achievements. Much attention is paid to the idea of personal success as a result of made efforts (Mira, Martinez, Cameselle, 2003, p. 130). Beliefs The Chinese Traditional Culture Traditional Chinese beliefs are associated with three religious and philosophical movements followed by the Chinese people. Thus, the moral and religious beliefs of the Chinese people are determined by the principles of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. The Chinese believe in different gods, natural powers, and in the idea of reincarnation significant to impact their moral behavior (Bond, 2010, p. 233). The moral beliefs are associated with the notion of retribution (bao) because the Chinese people believe in the role of their actions’ consequences (Bond, 2010, p. 234). The American Chinese Culture The religious and philosophical v isions of the American Chinese are presented as the combination of the points from Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity; that is why many Chinese people believe in gods along with sharing the Christian visions (Mira, Martinez, Cameselle, 2003, p. 128). Behaviours The Chinese Traditional Culture The Chinese people work hard to contribute to the collective needs and to complete their moral debt; and moreover, the Chinese’ working behaviours are based on the idea of cooperation (Bond, 2010, p. 41). The Chinese behave with references to the idea of shyness and sensitivity in order not to break the social balance. The Chinese are also focused on the idea of self-control associated with their philosophical and moral beliefs (Bond, 2010, p. 236). Much attention is paid to education because according to the Confucian tradition, all the people have the potential for the development (Bond, 2010, p. 218). The American Chinese Culture Modern American Chinese are decisive in their behaviors because they are focused on completing the individual education and career goals. From this point, the Chinese people’s behaviors are self-centred and oriented to the personal development and achievements (Mira, Martinez, Cameselle, 2003, p. 131). Modern American Chinese people are inclined to realize their potential in career in contrast to the traditional Chinese people’s focus on the family and children’s upbringing (Mira, Martinez, Cameselle, 2003, p. 132). References Bond, M. H. (2010). The Oxford handbook of Chinese psychology. UK: Oxford University Press.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Traditional and Non-Traditional Culture specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Mira, R., Martinez, J., Cameselle, J. (2003). Culture, environmental action and sustainability. USA: Hogrefe Huber. This essay on Traditional and Non-Traditional Culture was written and submitted by user Danika West to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.